THe Power of Story

An Agri-Communications Workshop 

Workshop Details

Do you want to learn how to engage in more meaningful and authentic conversations about science and agriculture? We can show you how.

The Power of Story utilizes storytelling techniques to assist participants with becoming more effective communicators.

Whether you are looking to improving your leadership skills or more effectively speak with consumers, The Power of Story will improve engagement with your audience - with the potential of leading to lasting change. 

You'll have the opportunity to develop your personal narrative, as well as stories about various agricultural topics. We also incorporate the fundamental components of active listening and strategies for more effective conversations.

Learnings from this workshop can be applied to social media, in-person discussions and written form (blogs, news articles, etc.) to create more positive, non-critical interaction within – and outside of – the agriculture industry. 

The Power of Story

Stories from personal life experiences resonate with everyone. They have the power to educate through sharing knowledge, illustrate by providing examples, and connect by demonstrating common values, emotion and passion.


Storytelling, or narrative, creates meaning and common ground for listeners who are drawn in, feel involved and engaged. It is an authentic, compelling way to share the story of agriculture.

Our background in narrative means we understand both the science behind storytelling and the art of delivery. Let us help you share your agriculture story with others in ways they will identify with and appreciate.

Who should participate

The Power of Story is designed for those involved in agriculture to enable them to engage in conversations with a wide range of audiences, both ag and non-ag. Participants may include:

  • Agriculture students

  • Commodity organizations

  • Retail or ag service industry

  • Government

  • Farmers

  • Others

The workshop has been developed to be flexible in terms of participant group size, length and scope. It can be tailored to suit small or large groups, offered as an evening/half-day or a full day (9 am to 3 pm) session, and focus on/emphasize particular elements as determined by the sponsoring organization.