What We Do

We offer a broad range of services, from brand management, customized marketing plans, strategic messaging, corporate storytelling, social media, technical communications, writing and editing, to graphic design, website development, printing services, and project management. 

We are ready to step in to supplement your team when you need it most. See below for some of ways we support our clients. 

The Power of Story

Stories resonate with everyone. They have the power to educate through sharing knowledge, illustrate by providing examples, and connect by demonstrating common values, emotion and passion.

Storytelling creates meaning and common ground for listeners who are drawn in because they feel involved and engaged. It is an authentic and compelling way to create connections to your clients.

We understand both the science behind storytelling and the art of delivery. Let us help you share your story in ways your audience will identify with and appreciate.


At Magpie our aim is to transform the way businesses communicate through a process specifically designed to focus on your audience and goals. We incorporate strategic thinking, results-oriented planning and sound marketing practices to provide our clients with the most effective communications strategies and messaging. We also go that extra mile to get it just right. Our thoughtful, detailed and down to earth approach puts the people in your business or organization – and those you do business with – at the forefront of your marketing strategies.


Our Services


Communicating with customers is something that businesses have to manage every day. Marketing allows you to grow lasting relationships that are fundamental to your success. But it isn’t a one-time fix. You need a constant voice to convince customers of your value and continue to generate revenue. Truly effective marketing takes a thoughtful, integrative approach that balances budget, mediums and your business objectives to be successful.

Through a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s values, goals, strategic plan, audiences and current marketing efforts, we create a complete strategy to support your brand and drive sales. 

Technical Writing

Science and technology can be complicated, and we know how challenging communicating with a non-technical audience can be. We also realize that many of our clients are working with multiple audiences, all requiring a different approach and customized language.

Magpie Marketing has the skills and knowledge to effectively translate science-based information and technical data into language that both industry and non-farming audiences can understand. Our background in storytelling further strengthens our ability to help you connect with your audience.

social media & website Content

Don’t know where to start with social media? Concerned that you’re not having much impact or able to manage your online presence? To be relevant in today’s world, a digital presence is essential. We have the tools and know-how to help.

We can work with you through all phases, from selecting platforms to writing effective posts to maximizing engagement and measuring success. Our services also include on-going social media management for our clients so that we look after the details - and you can get on with your busy work day.

At Magpie, we also recognize the importance of a well-crafted website that meets your objectives. Our analytical abilities and way with words can assist you with developing website content that distills down to the heart of what you really need to connect with your audience.

Project Management Services

Sometimes businesses and organizations lack the time or staff to tackle projects that can potentially improve their operations. We can help by taking on those tasks for you.

One of our areas of expertise is managing all aspects of a project from beginning through to completion. We can take the seed of an idea, help you flesh out a plan that works for you, and assume responsibility for all  administrative and management details in the process. Experience with managing multi-million dollar projects means we also know our way around a budget.

And, our leadership backgrounds lend us the ability to keep a team focused, communicate effectively and efficiently, and achieve the results you’re looking for.

Stacked Books
company overview & corporate stories

Everyone has a story and so does every business.

Our background in narrative (storytelling) gives us the ability to help you develop your story that will celebrate your past and act as a guide for the future. We'll take you through a process that will help you discover your roots and articulate your company's essence - from values to mission, vision and objectives.

Not only does creating your company story assist with getting everyone in your organization on the same page, it's a valuable tool for positioning your business with customers.