Our first anniversary

Our first anniversary

It’s Magpie Marketing’s first birthday. And my, oh my, have we learned a lot. These are our take aways from our year one review:

Lean on your peers. Kim and I are lucky because we have different strengths. She’s more analytical; I’m more decisive. She’s dogged in her examination of details; I focus on the big picture. When we combine our skills sets, not only do we provide a better product for our clients, we are more efficient and, well, happier. We let each other be great.

These two old birds are never too old to learn. There have been struggles, rewards, successes & failures, but every single damn day we learn something new. Every. Single. Day.

Mistakes are your friends. Yep, we have made mistakes & quite a few of them. That is, in fact, where the real learning happens. Although never a lot of fun, mistakes are not to be feared. They are course corrections that (if you let them) take you to a better place.

Communicate, communicate, communicate! Turns out this something most people aren’t very good at. Never take anything for granted. Always double-check & triple-check. Sometimes tedious, but that’s the way it is.

It’s been challenging, rewarding – and fun. The projects are getting better, our network is building, & we look forward to tackling each of our clients’ projects with the heart and effort they deserve. We’ve also enjoyed working with each. Having the planets align on finding an ideal business partner is more than anyone could ask for.

Here’s to another great year! .


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